Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Over 2000 are actively exploiting Microsoft .ani flaw

2000+? That is a heckuva lot of sites!

"The number of Web sites engineered to exploit the problem has jumped considerably since the vulnerability was publicly disclosed by Microsoft on March 29. It will likely continue to rise until patches are applied across corporate and consumer PCs, said Ross Paul, senior product manager for Websense. " - IDG News Service, Over 2,000 sites now exploit .ani security flaw

If you have not applied this patch, you are implored to do so now! This is a serious flaw and exploits are rampant. Also, reference my earlier post labeled "Microsoft to Release OOB (Out of Band Patch) Tommorow"

Although there have been a few reported application incompatibility issues with this patch, the potential consequences of not patching should outweigh these issues.

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