Monday, April 9, 2007

The MySpace Journey - Day Two (Part 3)

Nothing notable on any of the three profiles today.

My Real Profile
I got a spam message for a loan application. The offer was intriguing, but I did not apply.
I also received an automated message with the subject "hey sexy". This is a message with a link a references to sexually explicit material.

The Other Two Profiles
No activity at all other than 1 profile view for the 15 year-old male profile and 2 profile views for the 14 year-old female profile. I have not done anything on these two profiles yet, and both profiles are basically blank. In order for people to find these profiles, I will need to add some information under one, more, or all

I noticed MySpace in the news today in a story labeled "Man sentenced to 10 years for assaulting girl he met on MySpace" This is a news story about a 41 year-old volunteer firefighter who molested a 14 year-old girl he met on MySpace between March, 2005 and February, 2006.

What Next?
It's time to add some content to the MySpace profiles. In order to access a MySpace profile, I need to visit (in case this wasn't obvious!) and login by typing my email address and password in space provided on the left hand side of the homepage. After I successfully login, and am presented with my profile home page. From here I can enter detailed profile information that I want to share with other members of the MySpace community.

To edit the MySpace profile, click the "Edit Profile" link just to the left of the profile picture.

The profile categories that are available for edit are Interest & Personality, Name. Basic Info, Background & Lifestyle, Schools, Companies, Networking, and Song & Video on Profile. I am going to enter information under the "Interest & Personality" header today. Here I can enter information into the following fields:

  • Headline, whatever is typed here will show up in my profile just to the left of my profile picture

  • About Me

  • I'd Like to Meet

  • Interests

  • Music

  • Movies

  • Television

  • Books, and;

  • Heroes

Notice the warning in this graphic.

It states "Warning - Please be aware that MySpace is accessed by thousands of users every day; since you do not know every user on the MySpace site, exercise caution when posting personally identifiable information. " I didn't even notice that this warning was there before.

I am going to enlist the help of my teenage children to complete the profiles. I have seen each of their profiles and they have really spiffed them up, and I just realized that I know less about this generation that I originally thought!

Again, MySpace is a "piece of cake" to use. It is very user-friendly. Although I like the warning, it doesn't do much to deter a teen from doing what he/she wants to do online anyway. Relying on people (especially teens!) to read warnings and take action is wishful thinking. I promised that I would read the MySpace "Safety Tips" and I have. I will write something about them in the next post.

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